How It All Began

I believe that COOKIES decorated or otherwise possess super powers. They have the power to take us back to places in our past while accompanying us on new journeys and traditions.

For nine years through high school and college I had the privilege of working at a bakery in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was there, from a group of beloved women, that I was first introduced to the art of decorating cookies. In addition they taught me about mixing, baking, decorating, packaging and selling baked goods. Most importantly though they shared with me the joy of being together while doing something we loved.

With a degree in visual communications I worked for seven years as a graphic designer. After starting a family, I wanted to be at home, but also wanted to continue working in a creative field. Beginning with the experiences I acquired from my bakery days combined with my love of art and design, I began reading all I could about cookie decorating. I looked for any opportunity to practice. Family and friends were always happy to help me hone my skills by taste testing and offering thoughtful suggestions. They are the ones who gave me the courage to seek this as a profession.

In 2011 I officially started That Much Sweeter. For several years, my family shared our home kitchen with my growing business. When this arrangement reached a point of maximum chaos, we converted our back porch into a commercial kitchen. Maybe someday I will move to a shop, but until the cookie cutters take over, I am quite happy here. Who knows where this adventure will lead.

So this is me. I’d love to hear about you – whatever or whomever you may be celebrating, congratulating, thanking or remembering – I’m absolutely positive that there is a cookie for that. Enjoy looking around and let me know if you see something you love.